Excessive Thirst Feeling of Your Pet is Indication of Grave Health Problems

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Many pet parents feel there is nothing wrong if their dog is too thirsty and urinates many times. Actually, according to expert veterinarians, it is one of the signs of serious health problems that are jeopardizing your pet’s physical fitness.

It is beneficial always to check with your vet if your dog’s behavior and eating habits are different. In New York, Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island and Queens, you have the best medical help, Zen Dog Veterinary Care, PLLC. All you need to do is contact them through their website. They will provide you with all the medical assistance and even prepare you for home euthanasia for dogs if there is no treatment available that can help your pet to lead lively life and when they are suffering a lot.

Excessive thirst indicates your dog is suffering from complicated health problems:

  • Cushing disease – Its other medical term is Hyperadrenocorticism. This tumor health problem is often diagnosed in older or middle-age dogs. It is because at this age it is natural that there will be excessive production of cortisol. The main culprit is the small tumor formed in the pituitary gland present in the lower part of the brain. This natural steroid hormone is released when your pet is stressed or there is a low level of blood glucocorticoids.
    It will increase the blood sugar and eventually lessen the immunity of the pet. Actually, this syndrome isn’t curable fully however the symptoms can be controlled. The other signs are protruding belly, increase in appetite, shortness of breath, excessive hair loss, remaining hyper-tensed, panting all time and more. They drink water a lot and often urinate because the diseases cause urinary tract infections as well.
  • Diabetes Mellitus – It happens when there is excessive blood sugar because of inefficient insulin or the pet’s body is resisting insulin presence. If remained unchecked, it has adverse effects on the kidney and the dog often yearns to drink water. It is curable however need to check with your pet’s vet immediately.
  • Any kind of kidney problem – One of the symptoms is that the canine will pee a lot thus needs more liquid to keep its body hydrated.
  • Pyometra – It happens with the female dogs, their uterus gets infected. The only solution is immediate surgery. The treatment includes a rehydration process done with intravenous therapy.

Sometimes when your pet is vomiting continuously or suffers from symptoms of diarrhea, such situations dog or cat drinks more water. Dogs may sometimes feel very thirsty for a day or two as they feel hot, bored, when having run for miles or have eaten food that makes them feel thirsty. Hence, observe their water drinking pattern for a week before contacting your vet. Even cats face the same problems thus if there is no sign of improvement in their health and day by day they are becoming restless and not eating food, it is best to consider cat euthanasia at home with the guidance of your expert veterinarian.